Welcome new Postgraduates

A very warm welcome to our new postgraduate taught students from Director Dr Simon Whawell and the whole school.

Working to teach better

The School has a peer observation scheme whereby teaching staff help each other to develop practice by learning from and with each other. This is overseen by Dr Alison Patrick, seen in the main lecture theatre explaining arrangements to colleagues.

Dentistry Ambassador

Well done to Jamila El Sheli, MDPH student 2015-16, for being chosen as a School of Clinical Dentistry ambassador, pictured here having her award presented by Dr Simon Whawell.  Also pictured (left to right), Claire Wood,  Anna Burrows and Alison Patrick. amb

Sheffield Dentists on Film

On Wednesday Dr Adrian Jowett welcomed a film crew to the Dental Practice Unit so future undergraduates could get a first row view of the work of the School. The film crew stayed for several hours and are currently editing their footage.  Look forward to seeing the finished article here and on the School website.